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Information Portal about Russia and Russian women

Three kinds of agencies where you can meet a Russian bride.

Sites where emails of Russian ladies are sold.

The sites that sell Russian women's emails is better ones. But if you want to make it an honest business, it is sooooooooo hard to support!! (About 2 years ago I tried to make one of my sites to sell the Russian ladies' emails. It was awful!.

The girls manage to change their email addresses once in 2 months, with previous one blocked or just not answering. The girls do not always tell us about this on time. But some men do the refund becauseof this.

It is extremely hard to catch scammers (not all of them have the same ip addresses so that you can block them by this). A beautiful girl registers to the site, nothing suspicious ( you can't just block her because she has a beautiful face and a great figure!), then you activate her, immidiately 20 men buy her email address and other information, and only in a month you learn that she is a scammer (on subscription site it is easier. Scammers want to have as much victims as possible and so write, write, write to all men without distinction that they are interested only in them, that they have just looked at their profile (without photo, hmm) and fallen in love. So only a look to their mailbox or a complain from any men is enouph to make this girl suspicious and begin checking her and then delete her if she turns out to be a scammer). But how to do it on the site that sells the email addresses?

The third problem that I faced when trying to do this kind of site is the problem of choice. Yes, you can sell the ladies' email addresses but you can't make them answer men. A girl can loose interest (yesterday she had a big row with her boyfriend and applied to some marriage agency, today, she is in love with him again) or she can just not like the man who has written to her. The girls are not goods, they are free, they choose themselves, and if a girl is beautiful she can get about 20 letters each day, she can choose (yes, some sites offer them money for answering, but I thinkihis practice is dishonest, it is understandable that nothing serious will come from this but the man will just loose time). But again men do not know if their letter reached the addressee.

The next problem is that some Russian women who registered on the site manage to find a man whom they want to see as their partner in life very very quickly (it can be one or two weeks). They register, two weeks of communication with different men and then they delete themselves from the site as they found their the only one and want to try to build the relationship with him. On the subscription site it is all right, she deleted her self and the next day the men see that she is deleted and not interested any more. But if they bought her email, why she has disappered, they have nobody to ask. To say nothing, about many agencies that prefer not to disactivate such women's profile even after she asked to delete herself. (If this profile brings you about 100 usd a day, will you want to kill this hen, who lay gold eggs?).

Unsere ukrainische Agentur bietet nur gültige Kontaktanzeigen. Wir haben unsere seriöse Partnervermittlung Ukraine und Russland gegründet, um partnersuchende Männer und Frauen zusammenzubringen, die von guten Familienverhältnissen träumen aber zurzeit alleinstehend sind.

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