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If your sweetest dream is to marry a beautiful Russian woman, than our site is the right place for you to start with!

The thing that makes our site different from other Internet marriage agencies dealing with "Russian brides" is that we provide real dating services. We do not sell emails or any information about our clients. Here you can use one of the safest ways of dating a Russian girl in the Internet.

The site has many useful features to help you find your Russian bride, and it has multi-level anti-scam program.

Near some of the profiles of girls on this site you can see the words "Verified information". It means that we checked the girl, either she is from St-Petersburg and we checked her paper personally or she is from another city and sent her paper to us by mail. These girls are real, they have really the age and marital status written in their profile.

The identity of photos and names does not guarantee that the personality described in the profile is the same as in life ( we all want to show at our best :)). We check the information using psychological Test (PI), acknowledged by specialists the best basic methodic. The test is so perfect and precise, that even its creators can't "cheat" it ;).

Sensible people usually don't trust only their intuition in solution of serious problems. The PI test estimates 25 factors of the couple's compatibility. You will find the results of express-estimation placed near the foto of each girl and get precise and detailed science prognosis of you further relations.

Are Russian women reserved?

Recently I face with an opinion of an American man about Russian women. According to it, they are reserved and cautious and it is useless to blame them for this. Life in Russia is difficult, men are all drunkards, and women have to survive somehow. Many Western men share this opinion. Is it true?

To begin with, contrary to wide-spread belief, Russia takes far from the first place in the world in using alcohol. It is just being the streets and society in drank state and ill-considered words spoken in it, has far less consequences in Russia, than in , for example, USA. That's why there is no need to hide and drink alone at home- alcoholics are all in full view. As for living standards, It is really lower in Russia than in the developed countries of Europe and USA, but not to such extent, that a question of survival was of importance.

The opinion about self-control and anxiety of Russian women is formed mostly at men who tried to communicate with them on different dating sites. Internet in Russia is not yet a widely used method of communication and contact. That's why this method of dating arouses some tension. Besides, not all Russian women has fluent English and it adds to their discomfort. Also, an "iron curtain" for many years makes its impact, Russian people have very rough idea of mentality, moral-ethics values, norms of communication with people from different countries. It concerns also Russian living abroad.

Many Russian women , who communicate with men through Internet, actually seem reserved and anxious. They write short standard phrases in their letters and profiles, they think long about their replies. But they do it not from self-control of their character, but because of lack of experience and practice in international communication. They are afraid to be wrong understood, to be seen not in the best light and by ignorance or carelessness to hurt men's feelings

But in life Russian women, as well as men, are open, communicative and emotional. They can easily speak about their innermost feelings and problems that worry them to hardly known person, frankly speak about their wishes, likings and dissatisfaction. It is seen in the fact, that the profession of psychoanalytic is not demanded in Russia. It is demanded in those places, where it is used to hide and suppress people's true feelings.

Unlimited communication with Russian brides

You just pay for subscription: Silver or Gold and it will allow you to have unlimited communication with all Russian brides on the site. You can send letters to all women that catch your interest (the site allows you to use Templates to make it quicker for you to write first letters).

Possibility to exchange email with all the ladies listed in our agency

You can exchange personal information with girls you have communication with. In fact, we think it is best to take a telephone number of your lady in 2 weeks. When you want you can exchange emails with her and communicate on your personal email.

Free use of online translator

Some ladies do not know English or other language, we won't ask you to pay for translation of your letters. You can use online translator on the site for free even if you are not a paying member. This will help you to communicate freely with all Russian girs on the site, without limitation.

Possibility to put your photos in photo rating

Place your photo to photo rating. Let many girls put marks to it. It will atract their attention to your profile. Look at the photo with highest ranking, can you put better and be the first in the girls' profiles. Rate the girls' pictures, maybe you find your lady there.

Notification from our special mailer when a girl rated your photo for maximum points

You will have notification in your mailbox on the site when a girl will put the highest mark to your photo! A good way to begin communicating. Communicate with those who like your appearance. Maybe you have many interest in common.

Ways to contact the women on the site

The site offers many ways to begin contact with Russian women: postcards, winks, ice-breaks, quick messages.

If you want a better percentage of girls answering your messages, send a short letter to them where you write what attracted your attention in their profiles. Be a gentleman!

Advice of a psychologist

Do you want to seek the advice of our psychologist in your relationship with your Russian wife or bride? Or there is just something that worries you and you would like to discuss it, please feel free to ask our psychologist.

Anti-scam program

We have our anti-scam program, that helps us to sift away most scammer that pest dating sites.It is a problem of Russian dating that several active criminal groups, acting under different names and pictures discredit all Russian girls and dating. Of course, it is impossible to be 100 percent sure that we do not have them, but our system (subscription) helps us to have good contact with our users and act very promptly.

Online chat

You do not understand something? You want some help? We work individually. You can always come to us to support online chat and talk with the manager and ask your questions. We are always happy to help.

Who is online now

Unlike other sites where you can see only when a girl regisrered (or even do not have even such information) (and I can assure you that it does not tell much! A girl can register today but do not come again to the site for a month or more or do not come again at all, she had been just curious) we put the information when she was the last time on the site. You can write to girls who come regurarly to the site, who are serious and understand that building the relationship need time and devotion. Or you can try to write to a girl whowas some time ago on the site. Nobody could have written to her and she did not come to see her empty mailbox.

Four kinds of agencies where you can meet a Russian bride

Sites where you pay for each letter "delivered to a girl".

Sites where emails of Russian ladies are sold.

Subscription sites.

Free sites.

The most common mistakes men do when they search for a wife in Russia.

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